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Augmented reality assisted part removal for powder-based 3D Printing systems

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2011
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: 3D printing augmented reality, visualization, ZCorp
  • Milivojevic, Nikola
  • Grujovic, Nenad
  • Divac, Dejan
  • Milivojevic, Vladimir
  • Borota, Jelena
Editor: Miroslav Trajanovic
Book title: Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Production Engineering
Pages: 327-330
Organization: University of Niš, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Month: September
ISBN: : 978-86-6055-019-6
3D printing generally refers to a set of technologies that create 3D physical prototypes by solidifying layers of base material using various binding techniques. By definition 3D printing is an extremely versatile and rapid process accommodating geometry of varying complexity in hundreds of different applications, and supporting many types of materials. Powder-based processes, such as ZCorp 3DP provide great versatility and speed. But there are several bottlenecks related to human factor. When the 3D printing process completes, loose powder surrounds and supports the part in the build chamber. Users remove the part from the build chamber after the materials have had time to set, and return unprinted, loose powder back to the feed platform for reuse. The problem is that entire build area is filled with powder so the user cannot perceive exact position of parts. Usually it is more effective to position several parts within build volume using printing software and print them in one cycle. This increases the risk of damaging the parts while removing them. This paper presents the system for augmented reality assisted part removal, which helps the user to see printed parts through unbound powder. The virtual image of printed parts is generated using data from printing software 3D document that contains both parts geometry and their position within build chamber. This way the risk of damaging the parts during their removal is greatly reduced.