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Significant influence of biometeorological conditions on the incidence of spontaneous pneumothorax in the Kragujevac city

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2011
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: spontaneous pneumothorax, biometeorological phases, weather conditions
  • Spasic, Marko
  • Gajic, Vladimir
  • Milisavljevic, Slobodan
  • Đonovic, Nela
  • Smailagic, Jasminka
Journal: Medicinski Glasnik Volume: 8(2)
Pages: 264-269
Month: august
ISSN: 1840-0132
Aim To explore and establish an influence of biometeorological conditions on the occurrence of spontaneous pneumothorax (SP) in the city of Kragujevac (Serbia) in a five-year period. Methods According to the type of series of cases, this was a retrospective, non-interventional study. The data collected from the medical records and operative protocols of the Thoracic surgery Department, from 01.01.2005. to 31.12.2009., as well as data on daily biometeorological phases for the Kragujevac city obtained from Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia, and afterwards a comparative analysis of the data was performed. Results A total number of 159 patients with spontaneous pneumothorax were hospitalised. Most patients were treated in 2009 (55, 34.6%), least in 2005 (22, 13.8%). Most cases were in March (20, 12.6%), on Tuesdays (33, 20.7%), and in biometeorological phase 2 (0.15 SP/day). The least number of cases were in September (9, 5.7%), on Saturdays (6, 3.8%) and in phase 8 (0.04/day) (p
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