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On the influence of a pin type on the friction losses in pin bearings

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2011
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Full-floating pin; Press-fitted pin; Viscous friction moment; Dissipation function
  • Antonic, Zivota
  • Nikolic, Nebojsa
  • Radomirovic, Dragi
Journal: Mechanism and Machine Theory Volume: 46
Number: 7 Pages: 975-985
Month: July
Journal's impact factor: 1.366
The aim of this paper is to analyze lubricated revolute joints from the viewpoint of friction losses. The paper deals with the lubricated revolute joints composed of a pin and two more elements connected by means of the pin. It is considered here how different pin types affect friction losses in pin bearings. Three existing pin types are investigated: a pin press-fitted either in the first or in the second element or the one free to rotate in both elements. As a measure of friction losses, a dissipation function is determined in all three cases. Using the results obtained, the advantages of using the full-floating pin with respect to two other types are demonstrated by means of a numerical example.