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Prediction of magnetic field near power lines by normalized radial basis function network

Research Area: Biomedicinski inzenjering Year: 2011
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Prediction; Magnetic fields; Power lines; NRBF network; Training set; Gradient descent algorithm
  • Rankovic, Vesna
  • Radulovic, Jasna
Journal: Advances in Engineering Software Volume: 42
Number: 11 Pages: 934-938
Month: November
ISSN: 0965-9978
Journal's impact factor: 1.004
Over the past several decades, concerns have been raised over the possibility that the exposure to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields from power lines may have harmful effects on human and living organisms. This work involved the computation of the magnetic field generated by 110 kV overhead power lines using a normalized radial basis function (NRBF) network. Training of the evolving NRBF network is achieved by using the data generated from the numerical simulation based on Charge Simulation method (CSM). Then, NRBF has been used to determine the magnetic field distribution in a new geometry differing from the geometries used for training. These test results show that proposed NRBF network can be used as useful tool to calculate the magnetic fields from power lines, alternative to the conventional methods.