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OBR-Scolio: Scoliosis Ontology Development

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2009
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: FMA reference ontology, OBR reference ontology, OBR-Scolio application ontology, SEP triplet, adapted SEP triplet, Protégé
  • Luković, Vanja
  • Milošević, Danijela
  • Devedžić, Goran
  • Ćuković, Saša
Journal: JBI
This paper is dealing with constructing the OBR-Scolio application ontology for the pathology domain of spine (scoliosis domain) using the preliminary classification of the OBR reference ontology and the Protégé frame based representation of the FMA reference ontology. Although the FMA, being the reference ontology for anatomy of the idealized human body, does not possess taxonomy of pathological structures, in creating the OBR-Scolio application ontology, we add the complete taxonomy of the Pathological_structure class and retain only classes relevant for our application domain. In derivation of taxonomy of the essential OBR-Scolio Pathological_vertebral_column class we have employed the SEP (Structure-Entity-Part) triplet and adapted SEP triplet modeling methodologies. Alike the FMA reference ontology, the OBR-Scolio application ontology was firstly created in Protégé frame based representation and then converted in OWL DL language, for more precise definition and description of representative ontology’s concepts. Such semantically rich representation of the scoliosis domain makes OBR-Scolio content machine-processable and allows its employment in web-based information system for visualization and monitoring of idiopathic scoliosis - ScolioMedIS, which is also described in the paper.