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Service-oriented architecture of modern hydroinformation system

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2011
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: hydroinformation system, SOA
  • Divac, Dejan
  • Milivojevic, Nikola
  • Grujovic, Nenad
  • Milivojevic, Vladimir
  • Borota, Jelena
Editor: mr Dusan Korunovic
Book title: 17. konferencija o racunarskim naukama i informacionim tehnologijama
Organization: Informaciono drustvo Srbije Month: Mart
This paper presents a solution based on service oriented architecture (SOA) principles for distributed hydro-meteorological and hydropower data acquisition, simulation and design support. Based on the web services techniques, the paper presents the principles to design many business-independent services and deploy them according to computational power and data distribution. Web services technology can not only reduce the complexity of software and improve software reusability, but can also implement the dynamic application integration to decrease costs of system development and maintenance.