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Application of CRM technology on web portal

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2011
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: CRM technology, web portal
  • Timotijevic, Stanislava
  • Maksimovic, Vuk
  • Grujovic, Nenad
Editor: mr Dusan Korunovic
Book title: 17. konferencija o racunarskim naukama i informacionim tehnologijama
Organization: Informaciono drustvo Srbije Month: Mart
"nowdays, in the time of intense market competition, good quality od product is not considered a competetive advantage, but a prerequisite for entering the market. efficient client relationship management makes the organisation to stand out from others. SAtisfied clients are loyal clients. Consequently, client relationship management becomes an important concept in modern marketing theory. Portal Quality is a globally accessible place for comunication and promotion, of quality and all those businesses in the aera, as well as a place to exchange information, knowledge and experience in the field of quality. Number of visits of Portal increase every day, because of effective care for the visitors. That is because old visitors regulary return to the place where their opinions, demands, needs and objections are respected.