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Appliance of OLAP and web mining techniques in analysis of behaviour patterns

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2011
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Olap, web mining, Moodle, e-courses, log file
  • Blagojević, Marija
  • Barić, Sava
Journal: Technics Technologies Education Management Volume: 6
Number: 2 Pages: 382-391
ISSN: 1840-1503
Journal's impact factor: 0.256
This research presents Moodle electronic course analysis with the use of Olap and web-mining techniques. The goal of this research relates to the information acquisition about electronic courses and acquisition of behaviour patterns of online learners. This information is further to be used in obtaining of better references that are going to be used for creating a better teaching programme that includes e-courses. Apart from that reason, the goal of this research also relates to determination of possibilities of these techniques that can be used in the analysis of pattern behaviours of users. The research was conducted at the Technical faculty in Cacak, Serbia. The courses of different structures regarding organisation and the form of materials were included with this analysis. Results present significance of using OLAP and web mining techniques in evaluation of electronic courses. Besides, results also point towards preferred file types being used by the user of the mentioned system. They also point towards the activities on which the users spend the most of their time. This research realtes to detail information obtaining about students’ patterns of behaviour on a learning management system. Apart from techniques that are being used in this research, a preparations are being made for descriptive algorithms (clustering and association) usage along with the gathering and analysis of student’s subjective experience with gathered information from the group interview and questionnaire.