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Semantic interpretation of the product model features in product quality assessment

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2011
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: active semantic model, semantic interpretation, analogy based reasoning, hybrid data processing, quality assessment
  • Stojković, Miloš
  • Manić, Miodrag
  • Trifunović, M.
  • Vitković, Nikola
Pages: 481-484
Address: Belgrade, Serbia
Organization: Sixth International Working Conference "Total Quality Management – Advanced and Intelligent Approaches", IWC TQM 2011 Month: June 6th – 10th
Product quality assessment forms a part of every product development process. Besides indicating to which extent user s requirements are met, it also provides designers with useful information in the early stage of product development, aiding to optimal product’s features choice. Quality assessment in these early design stages can be done through analysis of product model geometrical and technological features involving semantic interpretation of data. Current semantic model ontologies can successfully be used in occurrence of limited number of preanticipated situations, but fails to provide adequate interpretation of semantic data in unexpected situations. New, active semantic data model (ASM) offers autonomous and flexible approach to semantic analysis. Faced with new and unforeseen situations, it uses algorithms for recognition of similarities between associations and topological analogies of associations sub-graphs resulting with meaningful conclusions. Firmly structured formalisms such as procedure for product quality determination can be linked with inference engine taking advantage of its reasoning process based on use of analogies and isomorphisms in segments of expandable semantic network. This autonomous and flexible nature of ASM brings a new quality to quality assessment.