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Geomedia-Osnove i pirmena u integraciji prostornih podataka geografskog informacionog sistema

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2011
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: Geographic Information System, GeoMedia, spatial data, maps
  • Ruzicic, Vesna
  • Blagojević, Marija
Book title: 6th International Symposium, Technical Faculty Čačak
Month: June
ISBN: 978-86-7776-127-1
GIS is an information system for collecting, packaging, testing, analysis, modeling and display reference information related to the Earth. This paper describes a software package GeoMedia, the advantages of this software, highlight the tools for analysis, conducted in the example of creating a specific user folders, in order to improve the analysis of spatial data, and further use of the possibility of use in all public enterprises and institutions of higher education. In addition, an example is given from the teaching of information systems that includes GeoMedia program.