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Assessing the energy consumption for heating and cooling in hospitals

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2012
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Energy demands; Mathematical tool; Optimization
  • Čongradac, Velimir
  • Prebiračević, Bogdan
  • Jorgovanović, Nikola
  • Stanišić, Darko
Journal: Energy and Buildings Volume: 48
Pages: 146-154
This work is a part of a larger project initiated under the patronage of Europe's Information Society, within ICT PSP – ICT Policy Support Programme1 in order to increase energy efficiency in hospitals, using a variety of currently available technologies. A prerequisite for the determination of savings is the accurate calculation of energy consumption and then the application of different methods of intelligent control for the energy savings, which should be combined with a system of expert advices in order to gain the highest efficiency. This study concentrates on the first part of the problem – the creation of a mathematical tool for the exact calculation of room/building energy demands.